From Beds,Biggleswade,Teal Rd (N-B)

After 06:35 on Fri 22 Feb 19

85At 07:01To Station Rd (S-B)
85At 07:12To Sainsbury's (at)
190At 07:19cTo Potton,Market Square (on)
85AAt 07:43To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 07:59To Sainsbury's (at)
190At 08:26To Sandy,Market Square (on)
200At 08:28To Bus Stn (Stp D)
85AAt 08:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 09:09To Sainsbury's (at)
188At 09:19To Sandy,Market Square (on)
85AAt 09:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 10:09To Sainsbury's (at)
190At 10:19To Sandy,Market Square (on)
200At 10:28To Bus Stn (Stp D)
85AAt 10:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 11:09To Sainsbury's (at)
188At 11:19To Sandy,Market Square (on)
85AAt 11:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 12:09To Sainsbury's (at)
190At 12:19To Sandy,Market Square (on)
200At 12:22To Bus Stn (Stp D)
85AAt 12:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 13:09To Sainsbury's (at)
188At 13:19To Sandy,Market Square (on)
85AAt 13:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 14:09To Sainsbury's (at)
190At 14:19To Sandy,Market Square (on)
200At 14:22To Bus Stn (Stp D)
85AAt 14:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 15:09To Sainsbury's (at)
188At 15:19To Sandy,Market Square (on)
85AAt 15:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 16:09To Sainsbury's (at)
190At 16:19To Sandy,Market Square (on)
200At 16:27To Bus Stn (Stp D)
85AAt 16:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 17:19To Station Rd (S-B)
188At 17:29bTo Potton,Market Square (on)
85AAt 17:43To Bus Stn (Stp C)
85AAt 18:20To Bus Stn (Stp C)
85AAt 18:37To Bus Stn (Stp C)
85AAt 19:07To Bus Stn (Stp C)
85AAt 19:17To Bus Stn (Stp C)
85AAt 20:12To Furzen Hall,Biggleswade Hospital (o/s)
b Bus continues as service 190 to Sandy, through fares available
c Bus continues to Gamlingay and Sandy as service 188. Through fares are available.