From Beds,Biggleswade,Teal Rd (N-B)

After 17:49 on Tue 23 Oct 18

85AAt 18:12To Bus Stn (Stp C)
85AAt 18:34To Bus Stn (Stp C)
85AAt 19:04To Bus Stn (Stp C)
85AAt 19:17To Bus Stn (Stp C)
85At 07:06To Station Rd (S-B)
85At 07:17To Sainsbury's (at)
190At 07:29bTo Potton,Market Square (on)
85AAt 07:43To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 08:09To Sainsbury's (at)
200At 08:28To Bus Stn (Stp D)
190At 08:36To Sandy,Market Square (on)
85AAt 08:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 09:09To Sainsbury's (at)
188At 09:29To Sandy,Market Square (on)
85AAt 09:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 10:09To Sainsbury's (at)
200At 10:28To Bus Stn (Stp D)
190At 10:29To Sandy,Market Square (on)
85AAt 10:38To Sainsbury's (at)
85At 11:09To Sainsbury's (at)
188At 11:29To Sandy,Market Square (on)
85AAt 11:38To Sainsbury's (at)
b Bus continues to Gamlingay and Sandy as service 188. Through fares are available.