The route finder can be used to find routes between two places. However, this only works for direct routes.
Depending on the journey and location the stop finder may be more useful.

Step 1 - Find stop(s) at A

• Use Stop Finder and search for stop(s) using one of the following:

If known usually a reliable method of finding nearby bus stops.
Road name and town.
We try to match this to a postcode.
Well known landmark, famous place.
Nearby bus stop point may not have use the name of the place.
Metro / train station and ferry terminal.
Bus stop points may been named after nearby streets - use when searching for metro / train / ferry times.
Stop point code.
If known recommended, but often requires a visit to the stop point to find it or the stop point is unmarked, so not always practical.

• Click on stop name view a map of the area Location Name.
• Click on Search nearby for all Services to find other nearby bus stops.
• Click on Add to favourites to add stop(s) to favourites.

At this point the Travelling From and Travelling To links may provide all the information you need, but if the stop point is served by a large number of services a bewildering list of departures might be returned. If the service number is known the result can be limited by entering the service number when using Stop Finder.

Step 2 - Find stop(s) at B

Repeat step 1 for this location.

Step 3 - List Departure Times for travelling from A to B

• Use Departures and select your originating and destination stop points. You can include several stop points in each.
• There are other options on Departures for selecting date and time of travel.
• In the departure screen you can display maps by clicking on icon.
• In the departure screen click on stop name to list all stops served and choose different originating / terminating points.

Step 4 - Finding stop points for return journey

This is similar to above, but you will usually require different nearby stops, such as on the opposite side of the road.
• Use Favourites Stops and nearby stops Search nearby for all Services feature to find these.

Step 5 - Selecting other stop points served by a route

When the departures information is shown the originating and destination stop points are shown in a list box.
This can be used to select a different originating / departure stop point.