Have a business or organisation you would like to promote on this site?

Most of our advertisements come from major internet advertisers (such as Google).
If you already use such services then your business may already occasionally appear!

However, if you wish to promote your business in a specific area (such as postcode region) we can help.
This can be useful for local businesses and community groups.

Advertisements are mixed at random so we cannot guarantee how often yours may appear.
However, we will provide you (by email) with a monthly count of views and visits to your website.

Existing examples can sometimes (!) be seen using the following links:
Southampton Airport
Sidmouth Triangle
Stoke-on-Trent Railway Station
Plymouth Railway Station
Advertisements must be 90px high and look best around 600px wide.
Whenever possible we will use an existing image / logo from your website (if not additional charges may apply).
We reserve the right the reject advertisements we feel are of a sensitive nature or inappropriate.

We have a low monthly fixed charge for this service (no hit or view charges).
If you would like to investigate this further please contact us. Thanks.

Introductory Offer - Advertise for Free

As this is a new experimental service the planned monthly charge has been suspended.
Existing advertisers will have at least 1 months notice before we introduce any charges.
Acceptance of this introductory offer depends on us having the resources to implement your advertisement within a reasonable timescale.