Step 1: Using the menu above go to the Stop Finder page.
The first time it is usually easiest to search using a postcode.

You can immediately see all departures / arrivals at a stop by clicking the Travelling to/from links.
To add stop(s) to your favourites (only need one for now) click the green button(s).
To see location on a map click on the location.
Additional usage guidelines available by hovering cursor over entry field titles.

Step 2: Using the menu above go to the Departures page.
Click on search icon next to Departing From in Outward Journey section.
Tick the tick box of the stop you wish to use and close the popup window.
For now you don't need to add any other information.

Step 3: Click the Find Departure Times button and you will see the departure times.
Try different list / table views using the select list - depending on circumstances one might be more useful than the other.

Step 4: Repeat step 1 to add more stops to your favourites.
For journey planning you will typically need 4 stops (i.e. 2 outward and 2 return).
Note that when travelling to / from major locations such as bus / rail stations the return arrival stop may be different to the outward departure stop.

In step 2, in either direction, you only need one of either to / from / via points if that would be adequate for you requirements.