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About 500 yards.
Trowle Bridge (NW-B) {4600WIA90877/wildtgmp}      


Town Bridge (NE-B) {4600WIA10143/wilagdmt}      
About 100 yards.
Town Bridge (S-B) {4600WIA10142/wilagdpm}      
Trinity Church (NE-B) {4600WIA10158/wilagdgd}      
Trinity Church (SW-B) {4600WIA10144/wilagdgm}      
About 200 yards.
Westbourne Gardens (SE-B) {4600WIA11354/wilagawj}      
Westbourne Gardens (NW-B) {4600WIA11353/wilagawd}      
County Hall (SE-B) {4600WIA10334/wilagdtw}      
About 300 yards.
County Hall (o/s) {4600WIA10333/wilagdwa}      
Sainsbury (o/s) {4600WIA64175/wildtdgm}      
Fore Street (W-B) {4600WIA10023/wilagjgp}      
Manvers House (o/s) {4600WIA10040/wilagjdw}      
About 400 yards.
Castle Street (N-B) {4600WIA64229/wildtgmg}      
Innox Road (SE-B) {4600WIA11355/wilagapj}      
Town Hall (Stop A) {4600WIA10020/wilagjpt}      
Town Hall (Stop B) {4600WIA10021/wilagjtg}      
Town Hall (Stop C) {4600WIA10022/wilagjpw}      
About 500 yards.
Cradle Bridge (N-B) {460000231/Wildwgpj}      
Cradle Bridge (S-B) {460000232/wildwgtg}      
Trowbridge Rail Station {9100TRWBRDG}      
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