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morris road


Morris Lane (NW-B) {0180BAC30554/bthmgaj}      
Morris Lane (SE-B) {0180BAC30553/bthmgag}      

Bristol, Lockleaze

Morris Road (NE-B) {0100BRP90117/bstjmgm}      
Morris Road (SW-B) {0100BRP90118/bstjmjg}      

Bromsgrove, Charford

Austin Road (near) {2000G501775/wocdamtd}      


Morris Road (N-B) {6280326600/64323986}      
Morris Road (S-B) {6280302221/64323987}      


Morris Ave (adj) {43000033301/nwmdtjpa}      
Morris Ave (opp) {43000033303/nwmdtjpg}      

COVENTRY, Wyken Green

Morris Avenue (adj) {43000037001/nwmdtmwd}      
Morris Avenue (opp) {43000037002/nwmdtmwg}      

Cheltenham, Hatherley

Morris Court (by) {1600GLA615/glodpjtw}      
Morris Court (opp) {1600GLA616/glodpjtm}      

Chorley, Harpers Lane

Morris Road (by) {2500IMG2954/langjmdg}      


St Helens Road (by) {1800WA17601/MANPDGPG}      

Daubhill, Morris Green

Morris Green (nr) {1800WA17971/MANPDJDJ}      
Morris Green (opp) {1800WA17961/MANPDJDG}      
Shrub Street (nr) {1800WA17951/MANPDJDA}      
Shrub Street (opp) {1800WA17941/MANPDJAW}      
Smethurst Lane (adj) {1800WA17921/MANPDJAP}      
Smethurst Lane (nr) {1800WA17931/MANPDJAT}      


Morris Hill (Adj) {4200F179502/warapajw}      
Morris Hill (Opp) {4200F179501/warapajt}      

Farnborough, North Camp

Morris Road (E-B) {1900HA090188/hamjajpt}      
Morris Road (opp) {1900HA090189/hamjamat}      


Morris Terrace (opp) {5810AWC50766/swadwpt}      


Morris Grove (nr) {1800SJ03521/MANJPGMD}      
Morris Grove (opp) {1800SJ03531/MANJPGMG}      

Gateshead, Birtley

Ravensworth Road-Morris Street (N-B) {410000022954/twrdtgat}      
Ravensworth Road-Morris Street (S-B) {410000022173/twrdpwtj}      

Gateshead, Swalwell

Milton Road-Kingsley Place (SE-B) {410000014188/twrawtwt}      

Grenfell Park

Grenfell Park Road (o/s 11) {5810AWC50644/swampad}      

Hamilton, Low Waters

Morris Street (At) {6150152/75232947}      
Morris Street (Opp) {6150151/75234637}      


Wakefield Rd Morris Close {450017887/45017887}      
Wakefield Rd Morris Close (adj) {450017885/45017885}      

Llewitha Bridge

Morris Terrace (before) {5810AWC50765/swadwpm}      

London, Beacontree Heath

Morris Road (Stop C) {490003762C/76240}      
Morris Road (Stop E) {490003762E/57270}      

London, Bow Common

Fawe Street {490010043N/71831}      
Fawe Street {490010043S/76397}      

London, Sands End

William Morris WaySainsbury's (Stop TQ) {490011918W/55821}      
William Morris WaySainsbury's (Stop TW) {490011918E/48173}      

London, Walthamstow

Lloyd Park William Morris Gallery (Stop BD) {490009233W/56307}      
Lloyd Park William Morris Gallery (Stop BE) {490009233E/49181}      


Aubrey Close (N-B) {4600WIA12979/wildjgwt}      
Aubrey Close (SW-B) {4600WIA12980/wildjmad}      
Hawkins Meadow (E-B) {4600WIA12976/wildjmdp}      
Hawkins Meadow (W-B) {4600WIA12978/wildjmdt}      

Newport, Bishpool

Bishpool Lane (after) {5310AWB35133/nwpatwa}      

North Walsham

Morris Road (opp) {2900W564/NFOGJDGM}      

Nottingham, Strelley

Morris Road (Stop ST09) {3390ST09/ntmagagj}      
Morris Road (Stop ST12) {3390ST12/ntmagagt}      

Preston, Ribbleton

Morris Road (by) {250012960/lanajtjm}      


Burton Road (NE-B) {100000018779/dbsgmpjp}      
Burton Road (SW-B) {100000018780/dbsgmpjt}      

Rugeley, Springfields

William Morris Court (opp) {3800C255901/stadmgmt}      

Shrewsbury, Castle Fields

Morris (adj) {3500B070500/shragmwa}      


Morris Gardens (adj) {270000010458/linjmtda}      

St Andrews

James Robb Avenue (opp) {6500N0272/34343273}      
Sandyhill Road (adj) {6500N0269/34343267}      
Tom Morris Drive (Adj) {6500N0453/34379765}      

St Thomas

Morris Lane Top (before) {5810AWC50643/swamjwt}      

Stafford, Kingston Hill

Morris Man PH (adj) {3800C732002/stagdpjw}      
Morris Man PH (opp) {3800C732001/stagdpjt}      

WALSALL, Bentley

Slim Rd (adj) {43000627302/nwmwamjg}      
Slim Rd (opp) {43000627301/nwmwamjd}      

Waltham Abbey

Morris Court (opp) {150022014010/esxdgtjd}      

West Lancashire, Scarisbrick

Morris Dancers (adj) {2500IMG829/langmdjw}      
Morris Dancers (opp) {250010288/lanadgwg}      


Morris Drive (Adj) {4200F203101/waradpjt}      
Morris Drive (Opp) {4200F143402/waragpwd}      
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